Question about getting my CEH and more?

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Hello, everyone! I'm currently attending college and am in the MIS (Management Information Systems) program at my school. This is program in the business department but it is the most computer-esque degree they have in the business school.

I was talking with a friend, and he recommended that I get my Security+ and CCNA and try to get some job experience before I graduate, likely an internship.

He also talked to be about a CEH certification and I was very interested in getting more information and possibly putting in the time, but I had a few questions.

I understand there are requirements and security clearances required for many of these positions. I've seen mostly government jobs with my initial search so this does not surprise me much.

I was just wondering if anyone could chime in and say whether they think a job/career based on these certifications would be worth my time considering my situation.

The main problem is that I have been civilly committed to a mental institution. I understand this bars me from government jobs because I cannot obtain a security clearance (at least secret and top secret from my research). However, I do know that other than in the context of a getting a security clearance, there is no way for a prospective employer to look into this information. Most of the jobs I found with my initial search required a security clearance, but how realistic is finding a job given this and a few more pieces of information?

Second thing, at one point I got into a fight with a family member and was slamming doors around the house. They called the police and wrote me an infraction domestic violence ticket (which doesn't show up on any criminal background check), and a disorderly conduct which I got dropped after completing a plea of abeyance. I have no convictions on my record; however, I understand that it may be possible to find some additional details regarding my history depending on how extensive the background check goes, mainly that I have been arrested for disorderly conduct and that I pled guilty, but the charged were ultimately dropped.

Thirdly, I have a business degree, not a math or engineering. My GPA after this semester will be around a 3.1-3.15. I have one four credit F on my transcript that I plan on making up, and know I will be at least a 3.3 by the time I graduate, have a very good chance at a 3.4 but my ultimate goal is to end up with a 3.5.

Can anyone chime in on my possible career prospects in IT and whether a CEH or similar certification would be worth the time and effort considering my background. If my situation doesn't look promising, can anyone recommend which certifications and career paths, preferably in IT, would be a good idea to follow? Preferably something that my past would not have too much of an effect on down the road?

Thank you all for your time, and I really appreciate the help!
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