Excited About First Certification!!!

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I am new here, but not to the wonderful world of IT. I studied for the A+, back during the 501-502 and 601-602 days, but never tested. I have been working as a network administrator for 3.5 years, and have recently been pushed out of my position, due to no fault of my own, but a shift in the way they are handling their networks. They decided to go all cloud based, and wanted someone who could administer and build relational databases and build complex web apps to connect to them. Anyway, the only other position in my area is a help desk technician, at a hospital, and I feel my chances would be better with this cert. I am sitting the first test next week, and hope to sit the next the week after. One thing I noticed, is that all the practice exams I have tried, is full of Vista questions, which I thought to be more of a beta OS, and not really relevant in my environments, I was curious if there really are that many vista questions, on the real exam, or if they are mainly Windows 7 questions now?? I also noticed that my real world experience, has helped my miss some questions, especially pertaining to working with troubleshooting what end-user says about issue. In my experience, I have believed what the end-user has stated, when troubleshooting, but 7 out of 10 times they do not tell the full truth. This has put me in the mind set that I need to verify everything the end-user says, but when I went that direction with my practice exams, I got it wrong. I have been in the field for some time, but this will be my first certification, and I am actually a little excited about it, and plan to work my way up the certification ladder. Anyway thanks for reading my scattered thoughts; I feel forums like this are great, and appreciate everyone in them.
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