Studying 70-462 before 70-461

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What are your thoughts on studying and passing 70-462 prior to studying for 70-461 this way you learn how to setup and administer SQL before you begin to study querying?

I have zero experience with SQL. I plan to start off by watching the MTA Database videos on Pluralsight. Once I have a basic understanding I plan to read the T-SQL Fundamentals by Itzik. This should give me a baseline before I jump into the Microsoft Press Training Kit for 70-462. I am also considering the MeasureUp materials.

Any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance.


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    Are you not going to take the 98-364? I have about 18 months experience with SQL and I found the 70-461 pretty difficult. Granted, I did not prepare nearly as much as I did for the 98-364 (which I probably didn't need to study as much for) but nonetheless I get your rationale. Have you taken any of the practice tests for the 70-462 via Measure Up or CBT and faired okay?
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    Burghard82 -

    No, I am not planning to take the 98-364. My goal is to have my MCSA: SQL Server by the end of 2015.

    The key is to learn the material which requires practice.
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    Do You have much Windows server Management experience. Things such as domains, Event Logs, Clustering, Performance Management , that sort of thing.

    If so this is a slight edge on 462 70-461 is harder technically, especially if you have zero SQL experience, as a matter of fact, 70-461 is going to be a total ***** if you have no experience, but 70-462 I find actually had a lot more volume in terms of work to understand.

    Thus 70-462 is actually not that hard to grasp, but there is lots and lots more to it. I would actually recommend that you get 462 out the way first, then 461, because after that you go into 463, which includes a lot more TSQL so having TSQL fresh would be an advantage.

    I have found CBT Nuggets on 462 far more useful then on 461. 462 does has some TSQL in it, but not that extensively,

    Good luck bud, your going to need it
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