Cisco IOS Simulator

qsubqsub Member Posts: 303
Anyone know of any plain IOS simulator? I'm not looking for when you pop in the CD, you do a lab. Then it ends.

I'm looknig for something where I hit a exe window. It pops up a console, and you can type whatever you want. Even if it's not in the CCNA.

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  • wildfirewildfire Member Posts: 654
    Something like boson netsim allows you do this. You can deisgn your own network and use it from there.
    You could also consider using an online rack like my own web site (as per my sig) or one like
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  • WebmasterWebmaster Admin Posts: 10,292 Admin
    Apart from the Boson NetSim and, not that I know of. It's too expensive for anyone else than Cisco to create a 'fully-functional' IOS simulator. And Cisco isn't going to do it, at least I don't see them doing it in the near future.

    Something else I do expect to appear is a funtcional router emulator. Kinda like the software that allows you to play GameBoy or NES games on a PC. Also somewhat like vmware/virtualpc. It would basically simulate the hardware to the software, allowing you to run a router or switch 'in a window', load the IOS from a virtual flash image etc.
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