Any Server 2012 lab books?

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I am currently studying for my CCNA and there are many books dedicated to just labs. I was wondering if there is any lab books for windows server 2012?

BTW, I don't care about the exam at all just want to learn about server 2012 and be able to have a home lab where I can test features and such. icon_cheers.gif


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    Are you wanting a book that explains to you step-by-step how to configure the home lab itself? If so, I'm not sure a book exists. You might be better off searching Techexams, Google, and YouTube. You could use VMware Player or Workstation, Oracle VirtualBox, or Microsoft Hyper-V.

    If you are comfortable setting up your own lab and simply want a great book that covers Server 2012 R2, I highly recommend this book:
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