Where to start with Network+ ?

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Just looking for some advice on what the best route to start with the Network+ is? Passed my A+ last week and keen to get the ball rolling with this now. Previous method was reading the Meyers A+ book and the occasional Professor Messer videos and practice exams.

Is there much difference between the N10-005 and the 006? I can't find any books for the latter out yet as the new exams were only put out in February, but the 005 doesn't cease until December 2015. So what am I better off studying for?

Also do many people go about setting up their own labs for this? I could probably get something configured at work for me to practice on.



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    tmcgtmcg Banned Posts: 127
    You can take 005 as long as it's before the exam expires, once obtained you'll have the cert for 3 years.

    In regards to what materials to use I would advise professor messer n+ videos and mike myers N+ should be enough. There's some overlap between A+ and network +.
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    I did the CBT nugget videos for Network+, but I've heard the Messer videos are a good resource as well. Once of the best resources I used was the CompTIA CertMaster series as it seemed very relevant to the exam.

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    005 is fine....especially with that much time it should be easy to pass with all the study materials available (and probably not very expensive). A lab is not really necessary as it is more conceptual being vendor neutral.
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    awilsonawilson Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Cheers. Ordered the Meyers N+ book just now and get cracking. Will aim to get it done within 12 weeks and constantly going over it and the Messer videos. Ta.
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