Passed 70-462

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Please wait for a moment while I channel Jessy Pinkmann and go "Yea *****"....

Passing score 700, my score... 700.. Made this one by the skin of my teeth...

Study methods were
CBT Nuggets (This time they were excellent)
MVA Again
CBT Again on certain subjects.
And about 5 instances of SQL on my personal PC that does not know wtf is going on.

Now booked for 70-463...
This one I want to do well in, as I start getting closer on my actual core skill, 70-462 was a "have to, not want too" exam,


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    What were your areas of difficulty? Currently studying for this. I am watching the CBT Nuggets for now
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    It was a fairly easy exam actually, just the amount of ground you have to cover is plentiful.

    I would know your backup and restore procedures off by heart, Recovery mode ect, and your options, had a few oddball questions on this.

    Prob the most difficult was the Always On stuff, know where to use what replication, WSFC and details, and actually look at replication, in detail. They give you a couple of scenarios, whereby you need to chose the "data movement" type, and you need to know your ducks from your rabbits.

    The CBT video's is pretty much to the point actually,

    At the very very least, install two instances and do database mirroring by yourself, this will actually cover quite a bit on the backup and restore procedure,

    Know your audit stuff, Instance Level and Database level.

    Know your Roles, and user permissions and the effect roles have on them.

    Pay attention as well to the optimization and trouble shooting section.

    The MeasureUp exams covers a lot of the questions, and the theory explanation is pretty damm good actually,

    After CBT, watch the MVA stuff as well, they actually explain quite a bit too.

    I had a couple of really odd ball questions, and quite frankly a lot of the stuff was precision type questions, down to the point. which I guessed, but as long as you know your theory, and follow garth, you should be OK.

    It is actually, if you take each section by itself, pretty easy, but you add all of the content together, and you have an absolute mountain.
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