A+ CE need help to find CompTIA approved webinars for Units

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I did not realize until now, beginning of last year that I need these units to re-certify. I don't want to take the Network + test yet, so where are these Live Webinars and other things to get the 20 units? Any links that are not scams or broken links?



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    You can attend seminars provided that you register for them in advance. Ex: Any Cisco Webinar will be valid. I believe you can only obtain 10CEUs for Webinar conferences. You also cannot do Youtube videos for the webinars they have to be live.
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    Thanks for the info on Cisco. I hated to take the exam, and don't want to take the Network + unless I HAVE no choice. I just want to work in a shop like I am and I do it very well. I am not looking at more then 10 years to retire and want to breeze through it without taking many more tests. I hate taking them. Thanks again.!!
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