Taking GSE Written next month, advice?

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I have decided to go ahead and take the GSE Written next month, in anticipation of taking the GSE Lab in September in Vegas (Any excuse to have a trip to Vegas ;o)). My application to take the written was just approved and I have researched this the past few months and feel that if I concentrate on my material from 401, 504, and 503, I should be able to do fairly well on the exam. Does anyone who has taken or know someone who have taken it have any advice? Up until May I plan on doing book study and re-index all 3 of my books as well as some of the labs out of the book, but don't plan on going full hands on until after I pass the written. Thanks in advance for your advice.


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    I dont think anyone can give you advice on this area. Written should be easy after taking so many GIAC exams. Good work experince and intense hands on is what you required to pull off the GSE lab.

    Focus on downloading as many pcaps, infected VMs and images and get as much hands on as possible.

    For Pentest, OSCP helps the most but you wont have the time now for it. Practice on some of the vuln vms out there may help.

    Finally, cover the rest of the areas with some practice (dd, pgp) are some of those.

    You should be able to crack to GSE lab.

    Blueteam hand book written by a GSE, and review by Ed Skoudis, is probably the greatest asset to the hands on lab. Red Team Field Manual can be useful too, look into picking both of this up.
    Good luck
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