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How close are the practice tests to the actual exam? I know the format is dead on, but material wise are the questions similar in regards to detail, topics, etc? I've seen some practice tests that are designed to measure your knowledge, but the actual material and question formatting are completely different.

If I'm passing the practice exams closed book without any issues, can I assume that I'm ready for the actual test?


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    Results may vary, I have not seen a SANS practice test that exactly matches up to the respective tests and I have taken 6 of them. The closest I have seen is the GLSC otherwise the practice tests are either too easy or too hard compared to the actual exam. I talked to someone at GIAC about this and they mentioned that the team that does the practice tests is entirely different than the team that makes the test questions, so this may account for the differences.

    How I use my practice tests are to validate my index and use time management techniques, as the time limit and number of questions are the same on practice test and actual exam. if I can finish my practice test within time and easily find most items in my Index then I am confident I can replicate this on the actual test. If I notice I am running out of time then it tells me I need to put more studying in.

    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the info. I'll be building my index and doing the next practice as an open book for the same reason.
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