Hello. I welcome myself to this forum and ask some advice...

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Hello all. I welcome myself. haha- something new in the title, although since I passed a test today I feel like patting myself on the back.

So this is the foremost forum on Tech Exams. That being my first post and account. I have some other accounts in the tech security site (CEH stuff).

I have had my A+ for awhile and just passed my CCNA today (958 score). 200-120

Thinking about what to do next.

I have Network Warrior book that I plan on reading cover to cover before I begin anything.

I have some ideas but I wanted to get a general intrest on what might be MOST VALUABLE now so that I can have a job making STEADY PAY and that way I can go into a more organized direction.

I have had the opportunity to work with CCIE specialists in different areas. I have seen what it is like to be a IE in Routing and Switching and now as of this weekend I have experience with IE as Wireless.

Certs I am interested in:

CCNA Voice: One reason is it is expiring this year and should be pretty easy to pass. Also its good to get my feet wet with how VOIP works, I am unsure as to going any farther than that. Knowing how to work on VOIP systems seems to be a valuable thing in a business environment.

CCNP in R&S: Continuing on from the CCNA.

CCNA-CCNP-CCIE in Security: This interest me, however I do not know what CCIE's end up doing when they get there, and do not have any first hand experience either.

NET +: Vendor neutral and it would be easy to pass

Sec +: Again vendor neutral and to show I know something about security.

Linux +: I am interested in Linux and you get 2 extra certifications when you pass.

That alone should keep my busy.


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    Welcome and gratz on the CCNA. That will renew your CCNA Voice cert so you should be good on that on for another 3 years.
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    You have a CCNA, so dont worry about the network+
    I hear CCNA voice will be going away soon/ merged with another cisco cert i cant remember the name sorry
    If your sticking with cisco the CCNP would be next. Linux is very good to know, im kinda in the same boat. I think CEH is comming after i pass the CCNA next week but thats just me.

    oh and welcome!
  • jjs1234jjs1234 Member Posts: 26 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I am kinda set on getting the Net + just because some places dont know what a CCNA is. I also got to renew my A+ so its an easy pass. 300$, although who ever said investing in your future was a bad idea.

    CBT has no courses currently on the CCNP. Bummer it went out of date this earlier year.

    Tests are expensive.
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    If your worried about renewing your A+ I would say just get your Sec+ or Linux+. Network+ is just a waste of money with a CCNA. The CCNA is probably the most widely recognized Network certification out there... It would probably be an easy pass though, can't imagine any company caring about a Network+ cert when someone has a CCNA though. Having taken the Net+ and about to take the CCNA I feel it was a waste of money.
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