CBT Nuggets or ExamForce or ?

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So I'm finally cracking down on studying and pursuing other means of videos, etc, so I need input on CBT Nuggets, which is 996 dollars annually, or 96 a month...or ExamForce, which I was reached out to and offered a 700 dollar package for 199 for both 801 and 802, has everything including book, audio files, the simulator, practice tests and so on. I've already watched CBT Nuggets but never ExamForce. Just looking for input on both options or maybe another form that I've never heard of.



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    Plural Sight probably has the biggest library of video training now
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    quantity does not equal quality. This definitely applies to other areas as well... icon_cool.gif

    As far as videos though, I've heard it greatly depends on who is presenting the material on a topic. Best bet would be see who does the videos you are hoping to watch (the actual person, not the website they are on) and find reviews on that person.
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    I really do like CBT Nuggets, I may give ExamForce a try, still undecided at this point.
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    I vote for CBT Nuggets as well, I really enjoy their content and they have helped me study for numerous certifications. I also would look at Lydia, it was just purchased by LinkedIn though, but they usually have multiple levels of content for studying.
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    CBT Nuggets personally, never used any others. I really like the instructors and their way of teaching. Sometimes they dumb down way too much, but that's dependent on the instructor. But overall well worth it.
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    This clearly depends on what certification you are pursuing.

    If it's CCNA, definitely do cbt nuggets!
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    I used ExamForce for my A+, Net+ and Server+ exams. Practice questions are good, and they all came with a copy of a Sybex textbook which contained all the information needed. However, going over the test quesions again and again won't help as you'll come to memorize the questions. Good for practice, but would recommend watching some videos in addition or whatever study method you prefer. Question banks were about 200 questions or so if I remember correctly.
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    I use Pluralsite (formerly Trainsignal) personally, as I find the cost vs quality to be the best value. Depending on the course material, I sometimes find CBTNuggets to be of higher quality and/or more engaging, but at 3x the cost, it's a difficult sell when Pluralsite is often just as good.
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    Cool thanks for the input and I've heard of Pluralsight but this may very well be a winner, for 30 bucks a month, much more manageable, along with books and Professor Messer and those videos, I should be good to go.
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    Another vote for CBT. They do a pretty good job of teaching the material and I have never been bored watching a video from them. I usually watch most of the MicroNuggets too.
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