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Hi everyone,

I'm just looking at what i'm going to be studying after I achive my CCNA (even though it maybe way off for now).

I really like the concept of VoIP, i think it is amazing. Additionally I would like to do some kind of infrastructure and perhaps security. So what i'm wondering is the following, what order should I do my certs in?

CCNA R&S > CCNP R&S> CCNA Collab > CCDA > CCNA Sec > CCNP Collab > CCNP Sec?

Or go straight from CCNA R&S to Collab, CCDA, Sec then CCNP R&S.

Thanks for your time.

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    It's a long way to go.

    Put Design in the end of the sequence. Because it requires an overall knowledge.

    CCNA R&S - CCNP R&S - CCNA Collab (if you adore it so much & can't live without it) - CCNP Collab (you need to do it as long as you don't forget CCNA Collab) - CCNA Security - CCDA - CCNP Security - CCDP.
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