PMP education question, PLEASE HELP

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My question is in regards to the PMP certification in particular applying and submitting the PM experience hours. It states that you must have 7,500 hrs of "non-overlapping" project time. If you do the math:

Work week- 40 hrs
Work month- 80 hrs
Hrs of work in a yr- 1920
That means you could only be eligble to do 1920 hrs of projects a year. Do they really expect you to list the project hours as if you're not factoring any other time? I definitely have the project experience, time, and scope as I work in a enterprise level project shop for the Air Force, it's just that if you can't list any overlapping projects (which I know we all do, well at least in the military we do) I'll have to list out a ton of different projects.


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    PMI requires experience hours that are unique and not overlapping. When I applied, I referred back to my project estimates to help me identify the hours I worked on each project. I broke them down by the process groups, initiating, planning etc. I had to estimate some hours as I could not adequately account for them due to some records not being retained. In any case you have to do the best job of estimating your experience as possible, talk with the POCs that you will use to corroborate your experience and ensure they agree beforehand that your estimates are acceptable.

    For candidate with Bachelors degree or above:

    Minimum 4500 hours of project management or project lead/directing time that was acquired in 36 distinct months.

    For candidates with High school diploma or associates degree:

    Minimum of 7500 hours of project management or project lead/directing time that was acquired in 60 distinct months.

    What it means is that you might juggle multiple projects in any given month, but you will only get credit for 1 of those projects. You may have to go further back in your work past to find other projects to gain the hours and months requirements.
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