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It is now that time again to maintain CEUs for CompTIA icon_sad.gif My 3 year cycle came into effect and need to kick it in gear to keep my CEUs/certifications afloat. From looking at the CompTIA website, here is their requirements:

Activity name to use when uploading CEUs into a certification record: Completed a Training Course Training formats accepted are Classroom-Based, Live Online, Private On-Site and Self-paced e-learning.CEU Required Documentation:The certified professional must upload a certificate of completion into their certification record as proof ofattendance. The completion certification must contain the following information:1. Name of training provider2. Training course title3. Name of the certified professional4. Date the training was completedThe course duration hours are to be used when entering CEU hours in a certification record. Please see the trainingprovider course descriptions for durations.

With that said, I was looking at Udemy and found a cheap course for $19 covering CISSP material that also has a certificate of completion. The course is 31 hours in length and it mentions it counts for CPE (ISC2) and some other form of units and I would hope that this course can count. Has anyone else used Udemy for CompTIA CEUs? I would like to have this training count as I am sure that the training will suffice. I will contact CompTIA tomorrow for verification but I am hoping that this course will count so I can save some money. Thanks guys!! Here is the course I plan on using: https://www.udemy.com/simplilearn-certified-information-systems-security-professional-cissp/?dtcode=NREQj9P2KLg4


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    i have no idea, but i think the whole CE credit is a good idea, but i don't understand why i need to pay comptia. i dont know. i'm just going to ignore them about ce credits and paying them money, i just passed security+ and server+ recently because i was bored(after finishing MCSA 2012) and before starting on the last 2 exams to complete the MCSE 2012...i literally didn't spend more than a few days on study time on both those comptia exams...which means..they are worthless...just resume filler for me
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    Personally I think it's stupid to have to pay AND come up with CEU credits. I'd rather just pay then to have to find ways to satisfy the needs of Comptia and those CEUs. Who has time to take additional courses which don't count for anything than a measly CEU or two. I know they give you three years and all....but still. icon_exclaim.gif

    Just let me pay my yearly dues....and let me keep my certs!!

    Microsoft doesn't do this for all their certs....(I know this for a fact cause I called them and confirmed).

    Get it together Comptia!!!
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    It's part of the accreditation process to align with ISO/ANSI standards

    Btw, I don't think "Used to have Security+ but let it lapse" works too well on job interviews.
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    Has anyone had good luck with using college courses as CEU?

    I started my bachelors degree almost 2 years after getting security+, and now I'm trying to figure out the best way to maintain it. I'm hoping my college classes will count but they are more focused on software development, so I've been hesitant to pay the fee.

    Should my classes count?

    Either that or take storage+.
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    Met the credits required but won't have the cert renewed until I pay the remaining dues. Still have one last payment.
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    I have been able to use college classes for my CEUs. You have to keep in mind that the courses have to relate to the highest level certification. Ex: If you have Security+ as your highest, you need to have your classes relate to 50% of security material in order for it to count. CompTIA really can't tell if you use other classes unless you get audited. They really don't care to begin with.
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