just passed icnd2 where to go now?

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So today i passed icnd2 after hard study
now my goals its to work at IT and getting good money i know that now i achive ccna is not enough yet where do you thing i should go now i mean mcsa or ccnp even other certs that i can benifit from them


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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    The question I would ask yourself is: Do you want to specialise in networking or system admin? Networking - Advance for CCNP R&S and then perhaps branch out to other areas (Security, collab, design etc).
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  • niba10niba10 Member Posts: 54 ■■■□□□□□□□
    what most people do?
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    niba10 wrote: »
    what most people do?

    This career field is so broad, it would be difficult to answer "what most people do". I would suggest you look at the requirements for the position or job you hope to acquire. Once you know what those requirements are, pursue those.
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    Don't do what most people do or what others expect you to do. Pursue what you enjoy doing. You know what they say, if you do what you love then you'll never work a day in your life.

    I learned that the hard way it's not worth it to try and please others.
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    Pretty much what JohnL said, study what you want enjoy studying. Once you become good in that area the success will follow.
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