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Is subnetting a big part in the network+ exam?
Also I am studying with testout. Do the simulations on the help at all?


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    Personally I used measure up and it was perfect for preparation. I would learn subnetting try professor messer videos or CBT Nuggets. If you're serious about networking it's something you will definitely need to grasp.
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    I wouldn't say that it is a big part of the exam, but it is listed in the Network+ objectives. I took the exam on Thursday and had 3 or 4 subnetting questions, and a subnetting simulation. You need to know the classes of the addresses, private, public, how to calculate the number of hosts and subnets, be able to tell if the address belongs to the given subnet, and etc. You can use a calculator, but I didn't need it at all. Check out this thread:
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