The Books/Videos vs Kaplan Testing - Conflicting Information

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Hello Again Everyone,

I'm a little bit confused over one of the topics in the 70-687 exam due to conflicting resources. I have the book that Microsoft recommends using to study with and that says that with Windows 7, you can keep your personal settings, files and applications when you upgrade to Windows 8.1. However, I got a question on this incorrect using Kaplan and it said that apparently you can only keep your files when upgrading to 8.1. I keep getting these types of questions wrong and because of the inconsistencies and I'm now not sure which is the right answer, I'm so angry with myself over it because it should be an easy topic. Would somebody mind talking me through the Operating Systems that can upgrade directly to 8.1 and what you can keep during the upgrades? Which information is correct, the books/videos that I use or Kaplan? Thank you for your help!

EDIT: I've finally worked it out. From Windows 7 you can keep your Windows Settings, personal settings, files and applications when you upgrade to regular Windows 8. However, only Windows 8 can upgrade directly to 8.1 keeping everything. When you go from Windows 7 to 8.1, you can only keep your personal files. Neither the books or media that I used seemed to clarify this but TechNet saved the day.

Seeing as I have no idea how to delete my post, I'll leave it here in case anybody else gets confused too.


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    This is a big problem with some sites and books, not updated correctly for 8.1. even the MS Press books. that is why labs are so important.
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