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I was wondering does anyone take this exam anymore. I want to learn more about wireless technology in a production environment and glanced over this certification on the Cisco website. Is it more beneficial to take this exam with the CCNA Security or should I pair CCNA Security with the Certified Wireless Network Administrator Certification from CWNP? It seems from the previous topics on the forum if I do CCNA Wireless I should invest in a Cisco 2100 Wireless Controller and Airopath 1200 AP. I was wondering if anyone have more information on the exam and outlook.


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    If you want to be in wireless market then you should take the exam. You will be one up on a job opening if you have a wireless cert.
    CCNA sec is a cert for cisco sec. CWNA is a cert for wireless. This is more for RF side. They are totally different.
    The sec side of wireless would be in CWSP and CCNP-sec. This is to tie the AP and WLC into ACS or ISE. We can also call this AAA.

    I think you should invest on hardware. Not for the exam but for the experience itself. Building your own lab is the best way.
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    Thanks NOC-Ninja. Currently expanding my lab as I expand my knowledge on topics.
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