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Hi everyone! I'm just starting to study for the Security+ exam. Because of the high score needed to pass, I am a bit intimidated by the material. I already have my A+ and Network+. I'm getting my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science this May and would love to be able to throw my Security+ certification on my resume before I begin my job hunt. Any advice for studying? I bought the Syngress book that comes with the dvd and I also got the cramsession cd's to listen to in the car. What worked for other people?

Do you guys take notes on the material? Make flash cards? Any advice will be appreciated! Thanks :D
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    Flash cards are good to have but potentially its not all about revising things from memory, its about understanding the concepts and vulnerabilities within Security in general. Syngress is a good book, but I opted for Tcat and Sybex.

    Also CBT nuggets is good for video based training.

    Good luck with the study.

    BTW: I did also read the Microsoft book but I was not impressed.

    :D All the best
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