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Hi guys, what is your opinion on testout.com?


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    I took it for the A+ and Security+. The Sec+ was a complete joke. Questions weren't even remotely close to the difficulty of the exam (Testout is heavy on practice questions) and several topics weren't mentioned in the course. I used a book along with experience for most of my A+ training, but Testout seemed to be a bit better for the A+.
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    I used TestOut for my Security+ and Network+. Thought they were spot on and loved the setup. In fact, I just used their Security Pro package as the basis for the SSCP exam and passed it last week. I've always liked their products and the interface. As with any study material, I would supplement it with another source or two.
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    It's really good for net+ and very easy to stay focused on, I skipped the videos. It missed basic subnetting though, it mentions what it is but that's it.Make sure you know how to subnet before taking the test.

    I passed sec+ with just testot but it could have been better. You may want to supplement.

    Testout is my favorite resource yet, probably because I learn best from practice tests, and most of the sims are good.
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