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After working as a DBA for the last two years in two high-pressure IT environments (Insurance and Telecoms), I have set myself a deadline of acquiring my MCSE by end of May. I'm using the Microsoft Proctored exams, so i can schedule the exams and write them whenever and wherever, nifty solution for those of us that can't always make it to Exam centers.

I'm writing 70-461 and 70-462 on the 2nd May. I work with both of them quite a lot, the 70-463 exam is going to need a bit more focus though because I support the infrastructure and only work on it 30% of the time...


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    Considering the experience you have as a DBA nothin can stand on your way.Good lucky dude!!
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    I would suggest not on the same day,

    Although experienced, 462 is easier then 461. but can you tell me the difference between Merge replication, peer to peer replication, snapshots, do you fully understand clustering, and always on avaialbility groups, coupled with reporting services only. log shipping, backup recovery methods, ect.

    462's content is A LOT, there really is soooo much, I would not combine the two on the same day. unless you are a god, and you actually have configured clusters, worked with CTE's, written usable functions, debugged performance, understand locking and deadlocking, coupled witheverything else that goes with it. 462 was a tough exam due to content, but easy to pass, 461 you need to have your whits about you.


    You have an airline, you need to store flights and delays in differant time zones, and you need to dispaly them in differant formats, what are your two functions your going to use..

    700-463 will actually be easy, if you get 461, as its essentially just moving around data and creating a implied reporting stucture with needed information only.

    But there is so much in 462...
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    I agree to tht,to me 462 was not bad.461 was a bit of nightmare ,you need to know and practise a lot.462 you need to do failover clustering ,troubleshooting and asigning user rights .I think taking both exams same day is a bad idea but well i believe you trust your instincts.Good lucky dude!!Keep us updated
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