Question about exam computer setup... monitor resolution

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I took my first MS exam yesterday (70-410) and passed (yay). Is it normal that the resolution is set very low? I felt like it was set to 800x600 or 1024x768, either way I had to do a ton of scrolling. It made it very difficult to scroll for almost every question, especially if it had pictures. If this isn't normal maybe I'll find a different test center for the 70-411...


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    @Ghintec - This happened to me last week when I took the 70-410. I believe that's just how they set it up so that you have to scroll down on almost all the questions that have pictures. In my opinion, its a poor design choice that can lead to candidates not entering all their answers because they didn't know to scroll down.

    Congratulations on the pass!
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    I've taken my exams 410,411 in different centers and it was still the same. I don't like it either. But not only the exam interface is the problem. Some of the computers/screens looked really old and I had to change computer once because of the screen flickering. Last time, when I clicked NEXT to go to the next question, there was e.g. 5-10 sec delay until the question loaded, etc. But you don't lose time as the time does not count until the question is fully loaded, yet a bit inconvenient.
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