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I will try to make this brief. I am currently a student at ITT TECH, and i have been wondering something. I was asked by a professor what i wanted to follow for career path. Puzzled look on my face must have gave away i don't know what hes talking about. he suggested i hop on forums and/or really think about what i want to do for IT. i know i love the fact of security and the cat and mouse game. (security side of it, sounds really interesting). ive heard cisco is king go with router or servers....I truley am lost at this point i know i want to make a decent living 100k or more would be great, but what would IT themselves say i here i am asking you all what do you love? and why? is there anything you would change or do different? (wish i could buy you coffee and sit a discuss it, but i guess this is the next best thing....unless you live near albany,ny then coffee on me)

thank you for taking time to read and i look forward to any response.


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    You can make a great living in any sector of IT so I wouldn't use that as a decision maker. What I'd suggest is playing around with different aspects of IT and see what interests you. Mess with some VMs, GNS3, etc. Or just go networking since it's the coolest! ;)
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    My suggestion is to create a plan, maybe one particular area of IT and go with that for a few months. Re evaluate and continue on if you feel you are still interested.

    I would go with what you are learning in your courses first. Windows server, networking etc.

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    I'm not sure what area you live in but 100K is a lot for IT. More reserve for the experience IT professional such as a programmer, CCIE's, or IT Directors. Since you love security go for it. Networking has security routes too.
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