Resume critique, please excuse the formatting

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It's been ages since I updated my resume, and I'm not sure if something should go, or more should be added somewhere, or what to do with this thing. If there is a better format on how to upload, please let me know, this is just a print preview as this site won't let me upload a .doc file.

Any and all feedback appreciated!
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    Looks good aesthetics-wise, but with regard to content, see if you can tie in your technical experience with "situation, action, results" statements, such as "Implemented XYZ system to improve ABC process, resulting in $$$ saved per YY/MM", or similar.

    Expounding on the size of the environments can also be highly useful (example for the first bullet on your middle job: "Troubleshot application, PC, VPN, and network connectivity for ### users across ### locations worldwide."
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    So that looks all good? I blitzed the top / current job with more items cause that's a bulk of what I figure any hiring manager will care about, was hoping it wouldn't come out too odd looking from that or the Qualifications being weird.
    Back in my day we used to route packets on 56k lines, through the snow, uphill both ways.
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    The Qualifications section reads like an "Objective" section. This section should be replaced with a competent professional summary. Objective sections are redundant and serve little purpose. I will link you to a document regarding how to write a professional summary. Google is also a good resource on this.

    Within the professional experience section, each job description should begin with a high-level overview of your daily duties and responsibilities, and then use bullets to highlight special achievements, projects, promotions, etc. Don't rely solely on bullets like this. I will link you to a resume that's a great example on how to format and write this properly.

    Your previous job descriptions should be written in the past tense.

    You should create a separate section for your certifications, and list this "Certifications" section under the Education section.

    This is an excellent resume guide with example resumes, a huge list of action verbs, sample summaries, etc:

    This thread contains a fantastic example of a properly formatted and written resume (ptilsen's resume):

    Resume time

    Someone recently uploaded this document regarding the "STAR Method" of writing resume content. You may want to take a look at it and see if it helps you.
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