Moving from analyst to admin role?

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Question for all of you - I currently work in a systems analyst type role for my company and was recently presented with the opportunity to move to a systems admin role. As an analyst, I've become somewhat of an expert at server OS level troubleshooting and things of that nature.

Moving to an admin role would seem to be the next logical step, as it would be much more hands-on, it would progress my career, etc. However, as with any interview, I definitely "up-sold" myself a bit and I'm a little worried about taking the job and then not being able to hit the ground running. Should I just take the job and study up on any knowledge gaps in the interim? It would definitely be big for my career (and my pocket), but I'm a little nervous.



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    Definitely take the job! Everyone gets nervous when getting a new position because no one knows exactly what to expect.

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    I'm moving from desktop support to full-on network engineer. I feel like I upsold myself but always stressed the fact that I was not doing this stuff at my current job. Still nervous and start Monday, so I know the feeling. I set up a little OSPF lab today on PT at work to just re-familiarize myself. I say just do that kind of stuff. As long as it's not a Sr. position I think you're okay.
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    I come from the same cloth. I was not sure about myself when I started my job. I definitely did not have the hands on experience. The reality is you need the experience badly (as did I), the cons are you will have short windows to learn about certain protocols and will have many nights where you study about the field you are emboldened in. If I could do this (I had less experience than you based on your current cert list) so can you. Congratulations on the promotion!

    Edit: They must have had a good idea about presenting this to you, so don't be too hard on yourself. Just self study to catch up with your field. Good luck!
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    Is this for your existing company or an outside one? Either way, I would go for it, there are some really good Sys Admin tutorials and books if you want to do some studying in the interim.
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    You don't need to hit the ground running. As long as you work hard, have a solid work ethic, and strong attention to detail you should be fine
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