Would you take a better job for the same pay?

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I'm tired at the place I am at and not really learning anything new. I found an opportunity which I think I can probably get and by the job responsibilities in the job posting it seems to be a bit more then what I am doing now. My network wholesale distributor shop its a small 15 man shop I manage the WLC, ASA,Cucm, router and switches. I deployed this network and now only work on it when there are issues or changes need to be made so in 15 person shop it is once in a blue. In the mean time I have to run performance tests on network equipment that they purchase which consists of the entire cisco product like n7k,asa,isr g2 2900, etc.

The job I'm considering applying to has the same requirements which matches with my background (WLC, ASA,Cucm, router and switches.) and it is in a larger corporate environment. I will be working with the tech everyday vs once in a while. Problem is on the high end salary side it pays $500 more then what I am making now.

What would you do?


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    techiie wrote: »
    I'm tired at the place I am at and not really learning anything new.

    I didn't need to read the rest of your post. That first sentence alone is enough for me to say that you need to leave.
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    Well, jumping companies is usually your easiest ticket to double digit salary increase. You may be shooting yourself in the foot there but it all depends on what your priorities are. I would take a gig for the same money under two scenarios:

    1) there are other factors in play such as better benefits, decreased commute, exposure to newer/better tech, etc.
    2) I am absolutely desperate and need to leave before I hurt someone or go crazy.

    What's the story with your search so far? Have you been actively looking and nothing has panned out?
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    Of course
    There are tons of other factors besides pay
    -Closer to home
    -Less hours
    -Less or No on-call
    -Better title
    -More experience
    -Field closer to what you want

    This list goes on

    If youre not happy then just leave
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    Tbh I haven't really been looking. Lol yea I came in today with the F this place and the managers attitude.

    I tend to glance around from time to time to see where the market is at. I have to admit I seen the job and figured it falls within what I know already and probably taking the easy way out. It may be a confidence factor idk..but due to the small environment I work in I am a little intimidated to work in a large environment or MSP so I may be selling myself short..

    Less hrs well I doubt that I somehow got lucky and am working 35/hrs a week and I'm on a full time salary of $44,500. So thats roughly $24.50/hr. I'll probably have to do actually work 40+ hours wherever I go. But idc since I will be better at my job every day I work there. Specific to this job posting it will take me 30 min verses 45 min without traffic.
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