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been applying to Jr system admin position. but haven't got any luck. I'm wondering if I'm pricing my self to high for a Jr position. i searched seems like the Jr system admin is going for 50k, on application I've been putting 70k. or should i just go apply for system admin instead of junior. i feel like since my last jobs doesnt' have system admin its hard to get a system admin job. that's why i am applying for junior. i'm tempted to just put 50k on application hope i get picked to get into the system admin role. to grow from there. but that would be a huge cut i'm switching from noc to either system admin or it security.


  • snunez889snunez889 Posts: 238Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    how much experience do you have?

    im a jr admin and I don't make over 50k, but then again I only had about a years worth of experience when I got the job. The other thing I would look for is job duties you are looking to get into. A title in one company can mean a whole different thing at another. I have seen technical support titles that do a whole lot more then I do with a title as a jr systems admin.
  • slee335slee335 Posts: 124Member
    i have 10 years experience in the it field all the roles it specialist it analyst. all similiar duties to sys admin. but they are more of jack of all trade duties not really specialized.
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    If you have 10 years of experience and most of that time you've been doing system admin like duties, just apply to be a system admin. Forget the junior positions.
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  • slee335slee335 Posts: 124Member
    i feel like since i don't a admin titile its harder thats why i'm going for junior to get that title.
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    If you have an option to not enter a salary requirement, I advise you leave that blank or enter "negotiable".
  • slee335slee335 Posts: 124Member
    i was thinking about writing negotiable going to re apply to job again and see what happen.
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    Always ask for a lot of money, but 70k for anything "junior" is high and you know that. If you want 50-70k you need to just apply to regular roles like mentioned above.
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    I'm pretty much a junior admin and don't pull in over 50K (getting close though, might get a bump over it this summer). Not sure where you're living but I live in the Minnesota and no way you're getting 70k for that position here...
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