Order of Certs?


I have my A+ right now and I am currently studying for the network+ and I was thinking about getting the security+ after that.

I'm wondering where to go after that. I was thinking about CCNA since I should still be freshened up on the network study. I was also thinking maybe server+ or CWNA.

I know the server+ seems to branch out a little bit away from the networking focus. However I'm not really focusing 100% in one certain area at the moment, I'm trying to keep options open.

My background is 6 years working as an IT technician with a little network administration. I have also worked on the side for 2 years with my own business doing computer reapairs.

I don't know if I eventually want to head towards any Microsoft certs or not. My goal is to have 6 certifications by the end of the year.

I kind of want to get more into networking but I knwo the desktop typ estuff just comes very easily ro me.

Any thoughts?


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    gravyjoegravyjoe Member Posts: 260
    I'm in the same position too. I got my network+ and a+, but now I'm going on to CCNA. I would suggest it if someone wants to go farther in their networking journey. Whether if we use Microsoft or Linux computers, they're going to use Cisco routers for the most part. That's just my opinion. icon_wink.gif

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    mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    I'd say run the table on the CompTIA certifications now. They are good foundation certifications for your more specific future certifications.

    Slip the wireless certification in where you think it would fit best, but don't let it slow you down from achieving one of the major vendor certifications -- either Cisco or Microsoft. And if you've got what it takes -- go for both.

    Without those pesky servers and annoying desktops, there isn't much of a need for networks. And someone who does both jobs is always good to have around.

    Good luck with your certification target!
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    Megadeth4168Megadeth4168 Member Posts: 2,157
    So you think I should eventually go for both?

    I've just heard from hald the people I talk to that it is a waste of time to go for Microsoft certs if you are also going for Cisco certs... They tell me to go for one or the other.

    The other half tell me to just go for everything I can and be a well rounded as possible.
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