Am I in a good path?

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Hey guys let me introduce myself. I'm a CIS Bachelors student and I've taken networking, basic programming, and hardware software ect... I fell in love with networking and I'm pointing to CISCO. I'm in a dilemma. Since I have knowledge in basic computer stuff, troubleshooting ect...I even took MTA networking fundamentals and Server Fundamentals. The question is: Do I have to take A+ and Network+ to take CCENT exam? I don't really feel is necessary since I will have a CIS bachelors in a couple of months. And I checked the job postings in network jobs and the mostly ask for Cisco certs. If I study and get the simulator library and all can I ace it? Thanks Guys in advance! Also want to go for CCNA!icon_study.gif


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    Just go straight for CCENT and then CCNA. That's what i did and I am in the same boat as you. But remember Experience is must...try to get an internship or entry level job.

    I am having tough time finding entry level jobs without experience in networking.
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    Thanks for the quick reply! Yeah I heard that I think I'm going for CCENT/CCNA and then Mirosoft Server certs. I have been looking at job postings here in Puerto Rico and they ask a lot for Microsoft Server certs and Cisco networking certs. Even a Citrix add for a technicality asked for cisco cert.
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    Skip A+ and try for CCENT, if you don't feel comfortable, no time is lost to do Net+ instead. TBH though, I think CCENT should definitively be doable for you. practicing with Packet Tracer and labbing with it has been my best way to learn Cisco stuff
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