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Just when you think you have your path set, you have to modify it. I was working a a Help Desk job, but found that they may out source all the IT departments. I did not want to wait around for the hammer to fall, so I started looking. I wanted out of Help Desk for something more hands on and with room to grow, so I looked for Desktop Support. I did find a Desktop Support position with lots of hands on and room to grow. Its the room to grow part that is making me change directions.

Before I changed jobs I was planning on doing some Cisco certs to eventually push into networking. With this new job in about 6 months I have to roll out to all computers, about 800 or so, Windows 8.1. So i am going to start studying for my MCSA in Windows 8.1 to help get more knowledge for the roll out. In addition I need to help the system admin switch over from Server 2003/2008 to 2012. And eventually they want to promote him to something else and move me into the admin roll. So after 8.1 I will need to move on to MCSA Server 2012.

I might some day like to go into networking, but for now i am going to focus on the certs that are needed for my Job. We do have Cisco phones, routers and switches. So when I am done with the MCSA 8.1/2012 I will circle back around to my CCNA. I dont want that lab to go to waist.:D

Oh, i found out from a friend that was at my old job that they will be outsourcing the whole IT dept, including the help desk, by August. So if I had stayed a lay off would have been on the way.
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