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Hello All ,

Does anyone have any experience with the 2621XM ?

I am considering a swap deal involving my dell server for a 12.2 64/32 2621XM.

I´m just wondering what the advantages of acquiring it over a standard 2600 series would be in relation to BCSI/ CCIE studies.

Thanks ,


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    depends on the server specs.. icon_confused.gif: kinda of a 50/50 type deal how many more routers do you already have. will this be the first

    also i would think of the cost of buying the same server vs buying the same router..

    ex. server used 500 - router used 1,200

    also looking at buying rack time as well is always an option..

    i have a rack but had considered going to online rack.. just to cut down on hw repair and upgrading.. but that is the fun part icon_confused.gif still i like it having it in house so i can do it when i feel like it.. its a 50/50
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  • solassolas Junior Member Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the reply ,

    I already have one 837 DSL router for my internet connection.

    The server is old but its well equipped I would sell it for 600 or so.

    Would you think the 2621XM is overkill for a homelab ?

    And maybe the 2600 series or even 2500 series would be adequate.

    The rack time is definitley in my plans too.
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    not really.. i don't have an xm in my rack but if i could i would get it icon_wink.gif you still will need to add at least 2 more routers for small bsci lab.. .when i started building my lab i was looking at ccie rack.. but i can't afford the latest and greatest hardware icon_lol.gif
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