Scheduled 70-410 May 25th

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Scheduled the 70-410 exam for Monday May 25th. I picked up an exam voucher off ebay for $110. If I don't pass I should still be able to take advantage of the 2nd shot and take my 2nd attempt by June 25th.

I feel a lot like this exam is just a refresher from the 2008 R2 exam. I'm hoping it wont be to difficult.

Resources I am using:

Cybrary.it MCSA 70-410 R2
CBT Nuggets 70-410 R2

MS Press Training Guide (I really like the step by step lab practice)
Cert Guide MCSA 70-410 R2
Mastering Server 2012 R2

Books I highly discourage anyone from using: MS Press Exam Ref 70-410 R2

Labs: I essentially run 2 labs. the first is following along with the training guide. the 2nd lab is my own designed lab from memory.


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    Best of luck and let us know how you do :)

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    Good luck but I wouldn't call 410 a refresher of Win 2008, the exam is no joke.
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    you're telling me. This will be my third time trying to pass this dammm exam. I get so nervous when taking the exam i start to blank out.. ugh...

    Feels like i'm not learning even tho i study... Well good luck on the exam.

    by the way what book is that you have a url for it?

    MS Press Training Guide (I really like the step by step lab practice)
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    Amazon.com: Training Guide Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 R2 (MCSA) (Microsoft Press Training Guide) (9780735684331): Mitch Tulloch: Books

    One thing i have noticed is it doesnt not go into detail, and really only covers the newer features. So if you are new to say DNS and DHCP you will probably want a different book to make sure you get all the basic stuff down.
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    cruwlcruwl Member Posts: 341 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Because Monday is the holiday, I rescheduled my exam for today.

    scored a 662.

    I'm happy with my score. I know I could have/should have passed Had I really hit the book the last week or so. I was week in the areas I really didn't study much in which included Print/Document services, and File and Share servers and IPv6. all of my addressing questions were IPv6 and I have always been week in this area. I just don't like IPv6 and just can't get a good hold on it.

    I've already rescheduled my free 2nd shot for June 19th, and will be studying the above info pretty hard as well and Hyper-v, I did well in the hyper-v section but still feel week in it.
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