I am a US army reservist looking to get certified...

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Hello, I just got out of BCT (boot camp) and looking for a job and I heard from some IT soldiers that getting certified in IT networking has a good outlook in getting a job. However, I have no experience in IT so my question is, is it possible to get a job with no experience? Even a starting position? The school said that their employment rate is really high (new horizons). Say I study really hard and get certified in networking, CISSP or ethical hacker. I am at a really important time in my life because I am 35 years old (yes, went to be a soldier at that age) and I need some direction in my life. Thanks


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    A+ and Microsoft's Windows 7 70-680 is good to start with. This is for basic support... if you wanna go for security, let us know.
    What MOS did you choose?

    You can do a lot of self study for certifications. Maybe it would be best if you worked on the 2 year degree that can transfer easily into a 4 year degree.
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    Ugh, I remember job hunting right after BCT/AIT. The wars are drawing down (knock on wood) so it may not affect you as much as it did me. I got out of AIT in 2004 and practically every HR person asked about my odds of being deployed. I was a 37F- bound for deployment :)
    I agree with James though- A+ and Windows 7 70-680 are great starts. What is your MOS? Maybe that can be related to your job search.
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