2nd and 3rd shift people, study in the morning or evening?

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I'm moving to the evening shift, I'll be getting off work around 11 PM for the foreseeable future. I'm sure I'll be able to get some bonus study time late in the evening when things really calm down, but I don't want to depend using work hours for study time.
Should I be getting up early to study? I was told that I may retain information a little better if I wake up every morning and study, rather than waiting til I'm off work fighting fatigue. I'm not much of a morning person, it's going to take some real discipline to wake up earlier than I have to. But I like the idea. I would like to get in a workout at least three days during the week also.
I've enrolled in WGU, I start week. It's been about ten years since I've taken college courses. I'm not sure what's going to work for me.
What works for you?


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    You'll have to find what works for you, not for each of us.

    And at different points in your life, you may find one method is more beneficial than another. If your young, likely staying up and studying makes sense. If you are middle aged, you likely find your body NEEDS sleep and ending your day consistently and rising early makes the most sense. If your old, you know YOU NEED the sleep and you'll find to do what is important to you by how much you want the goal achieved.

    Ten years out of college, you may be creeping up to the middle aged group. Sleep is important regardless of where you are, but your recovery from poor sleep habits will hit you as you get older.

    You may find reading text is easier at one point of your day, but flash card review works during another time in your day. Keep your options open. Lab work is going to need to fit in there too.
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    I work 12 hour over-nights with a lot of downtime for studying. If I was in your shoes I'd probably study after work. I've found that the information I study before I go to sleep is what I retain the best but just like what Plantwiz said, you have to find out what works for you.
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    I have worked 3rd shift for years. I obviously prefer to study on the job, but of course that is not always an option. However if you are doing it outside of work, the non work days are better of course, but on work days I always did better studying prior to work. After a shift at work, I'm pretty much ready for bed. Or doughnuts. I'm always ready for doughuts.
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    I work a rotating schedule. When I work a late shift (usually 2-11, essentially second shift hours) I try to study in the morning. I am usually too tired by the time I get home to really do so. I dedicate my off days to studying though.
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    I believe I learned way back in one of my psych classes that you should mimic your test environment as closely as possible when you study to achieve the best results. So, if at all possible...I would like to take my exam on the beach with a margarita.

    That being said, find what works for you. Due to various life "things" I have had to get up around 5:30 to study before I go to work for the day. I find I am having a much harder time retaining information at this hour than I do when I study in the evenings. I think in the end its an individual preference.

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    I prefer to read before I go to work and to lab after work. I start work at 10am so for me this was a good solution.

    If your not a morning person your probably not going to do very good at studying then. Just try different things until something works.

    Good Luck!
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    I would like to take my exam on the beach with a margarita.

    This comment made my day LOL
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