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    Well my BS:IT Security was a different story :) It actually took me 3 years total. I dropped out of WGU and once I got all of the rejection letters stating that the positions I was applying for needed a degree I went back and finished the rest of my classes in 2 terms, so all in all I guess 4 termsfor my bachelors, then I kept up with the momentum and finished the MSISA in only a few weeks.
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    Best advice I can give you is to use the rubric as that is what they grade by. Make sure you go point by point and put what they are asking for in the work you do. Also someone else here recommended and I agree with, don't put too much time into one assignment being overly in-depth. Go through rubric, hit each point and add what they are asking for, and submit it. If it comes back, it will say exactly what they want. Then add that detail or information and resubmit.

    this is what I did more often than not
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    The MS went by way faster than the BS. Obviously it is a shorter program, and the CCENT knocked out one of the classes already. So that helps power through it. However I really hit a wall when there was about 3 courses left. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, but I was so tired of working on school, I just wanted to quit.

    Glad I didn't, even if i don't change jobs based on this, I'm glad to be able to check that box now.

    Hello Mike-Mike, congrats man. Can I ask you what course the CCENT took out on the MSISA? I am in the program as well and they did not say anything about the CCENT/CCNA waiving anything :)

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    The Cisco course that had you pass the CCENT exam was removed from the program. It was removed maybe a year and a half ago. I don't recall if the course was only dropped, of if it was replaced with something else.
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    Hey, can you help a brother out? C701 - CEH is kicking my tail. Any hints on how to study for passing it? Thanks!
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    Unlimited wrote: »
    Hey, can you help a brother out? C701 - CEH is kicking my tail. Any hints on how to study for passing it? Thanks!

    Matt Walker's guide for sure. Only resource I used.
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    Matt Walker and Oriyano's books. They're almost the same but complementary.
    To get an idea about the tools for personal and professional knowledge, look on youtube or use a VM. But definitely use these two books and supplement with the Boson exam tests.
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    So did the MSISA pay for itself just like the bsit did? I'm kinda curious if you found a better job with the master icon_wink.gif
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    phaneuf1 wrote: »
    So did the MSISA pay for itself just like the bsit did? I'm kinda curious if you found a better job with the master icon_wink.gif

    yes, I would say so for sure. With the BSIT, I had concreted evidence, since literally it was the same job offer from the same company, bumped up by 10k after completing my Bachelors.

    i stayed with that company until I completed my Masters, and then i switched to a Security role. The job I got with the BSIT was not 100% security, after getting my MSISA, i then got a 100% security role. that was a not a huge win pay-wise, however i just recently switched jobs, and I did get pretty solid bump in pay, and i think the Masters degree definitely contributed, and the bump in pay was more than i spent to get the MSISA
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    Great job Mike. I am proud of you. Congrats!
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    Good job Mike!
    Thanks, Tom

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    Your success story gives me that last bit of drive to grind through my final class. Although I don't start my capstone till Jan 30. Almost there!
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