Is IT ever a 9-5?



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    Post a thread like this similar I read it thru
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    Couldn't imagine going back and working a 9-5 after getting into the consulting side of things. Much more freedom in schedule.
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    It can be, I find it depends on the organization. I'm fortunate that I work for a well funded IT department for a global company. I hit up the UK guys for overnight maintenance, and do the same for them. I rarely work outside of normal business hours, and when I do we get comp time. We're expected to only work our 40, if we're working more than that, there is something wrong organizationally and we need to address it. If I go to my boss and say, man, I put in 60 hours last week, he's going to be angry and ask why.

    There are a lot of crappy organizations out there that expect more from their employees, we find a good work life balance to be an important part of keeping good talent around.
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    I had a 9 hour maintenance window last night. Midnight to 9:00am. My brain was toast.
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    I had a 9 hour maintenance window last night. Midnight to 9:00am. My brain was toast.

    I know those feels. This time last year I was stuck in a Hong Kong Data Center powering through a failed DC consolidation attempt. We worked about 20 hours straight with 4-5 hours of rest for almost four days. Not one single hour of OT pay :) but it was an interesting experience all around. I know I'm about due again for another all-nighter maintenance window.
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