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I just started playing with AWS and it is really cool. I have built couple of EC2 instances (servers) for our company and I am trying to find out more about the certification. I have already read about the certification (sysops) and I was wondering if any one taken their exam....

Per management our team has to be certified by before end of this year and we are going to migrated our data center into the cloud. This is going to be an exciting project for it self :)....

Your feed back is much appreciate it.


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    I haven't taken the exam but we are currently doing cloud migrations and I'm working with AWS daily. If you have any questions, let me know.
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    Linuxacademy has training dedicated to the different AWS certs. You have to pay a subscription, but it's good stuff.
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    Great! Thank you guysicon_wink.gif
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    I went to the AWS class offered by Amazon and really enjoyed it. I don't plan on taking the certifications but my employer paid for me to attend the class so I went. In the class they had virtual labs so it wasn't just power points and an instructor talking from the podium.
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    ACloud Guru is the best I have seen. You can buy them from Don't let their prices fool, they do sales from time to time where you can buy it sometimes for as little as £15. Alternatively, you can buy them from website where the standard price is £24.
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    fwiw - Udemy is having a sale that ends today for the ACloud Guru courses for USD$10.
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    paul78 wrote: »
    fwiw - Udemy is having a sale that ends today for the ACloud Guru courses for USD$10.

    Every time I look the classes are $15.
  • paul78paul78 Member Posts: 3,016 ■■■■■■■■■■
    LDhiker wrote: »
    Every time I look the classes are $15.

    I just looked an it's still USD$10. I am about to buy the ACloud courses and it's all USD$10. If it's not working for you - try applying this coupon code which I found - F3O8S2S37DEAL10. It worked for me.
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    Potentially stupid question but are those Udemy videos the same ones at
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    You can redeem the purchase from udemy to accloudguru to get access the same course in acloudguru. This is not the exact answer of your question though.
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    They maintain the Udemy classes and the acloudguru classes separately. Sometimes the Udemy classes will get the updates a few days/weeks earlier and sometimes the acloudguru site will get the updates earlier. But once both sites have caught up, it's the same material.
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