Question/Advice Needed: Gaining Experience With No Job

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I know some of you here are responsible for hiring new engineers into the company, and I was hoping I could get some input from you all about experience. Like most of our group who are actively hunting for certs, I have little to no job experience. I've bought a lab so that I could not only use it to help me pass the ICND1+2, but also to keep my skills sharp. Does having a sufficient lab that you work with count towards experience at all?
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    Experience and certs will get you past the HR filter, from most of the recruiters I've spoken to a lot of them just want people with a passion.

    If you can go into an interview and mention how you have your own lab and you practice in your own time because you enjoy learning new things and experimenting with new technologies. I don't see how that can't score you some points.

    Show some initiative and go find some unpaid work experience.
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