Web Proxies and Browsers

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Hey everyone, im just looking for resources or links for any good information regarding proxy servers and proxy web browsers as i have limited knowledge in this area icon_redface.gif I will be sitting ISA server shortly as part of my MCSE but would like some background knowledge jus now!
If im correct, a web cache server such as ISA will service requests on behalf of its clients to keep its clients from bein exposed on the internet and cache these requests. Does this also require all clients browsers to be set up with a proxy script or something to ensure that all its request go through the ISA server??
Any help appreciated :D:D


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    If you are asking where to tell your browser to look for a proxy then: For IE got to Tools > Internet Options. Choose the Connections Tab and then choose LAN Connections. Place a check mark in the Use a proxy Server for your LAN. You then supply the information for your Proxy server and it's listening port. You will also notice the advanced tab will allow you to make more detailed choices for that setup.

    Is that what you were asking?
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    I believe that on some Proxy Servers you can enable a Transparent Mode which, from my understanding, will allow you to implement a Proxy server without making the settings in the browser.
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    Yes thankyou, that has answered my question. I will look further into it! For some reason i couldn really get my head around this concept but i realised that i hadn actually bothered to look into it in any detail. Its actually pretty simple, Thanks SilverBullet :D
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