DevOps > Agile > Standard Project Management?

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I've read some articles recently that said a lot of organizations are scraping Agile, which had replaced your normal "PMP" manufacturing style project management. Now, it seems that DevOps is where it's at and companies are trying to align their development teams directly with their business teams. From what I understand the cycle times are driven downward and the quality and frequency of releases are incredibly fast.

Anyone have any experience with DevOps and if so what are you thoughts about it replacing Agile.

I am in a DevOps hybrid relationship and the advantages are really nice. It's strange I read these PMP books and it seems like a antique type of style and then of course you have the other extreme with agile.

There are some parts of agile that I really like, but the lean was way to much in the developers hands and that just isn't right IMO. Of course the PMP (plan plan and plan) is a joke in app dev, almost completely ineffective.


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    I don't really think many companies truly do " Dev Ops "

    Most of the DevOps positions I see listed are System Admin roles with a higher level use of Salt/Ansible/Chef/Puppet and maybe a bit more Bash or Python than a regular System Admin role.
    But having someone is equally talented at Development and Operations is difficult to find. - a blog I write about IT and technology.
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    I do some of our database dev and vb scripting. Our developers have been in the business for a long time so they have strong procurement knowledge set, so when our accountants mention they want AWP discounted, they know the math to get there, so we are a hybrid Dev Ops team. If we need columns added, flags added, stored procedures etc, our finance employees and tech team can do this. From the front end we have two DEV's who can code so that is a bottle neck at times, but a lot of us have cross over on our skill sets. I test, QA, Dev, system admin, requirement analyst etc. We self form our teams and deliver based off of our strat plan / road map.

    It's a really great way to drive projects in our team. I really enjoy self forming teams.
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