Can't see VLAN Tags on trunk port

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Hello I have a simple VLAN set up as shown in the diagram below

I am able to ping from PC1 to PC2 and the monitor port is set to mirror the trunk port on switch 1. When I run Wireshark on the monitor port, I see the ICMP traffic but I do not see any VLAN tags on the frames. Shouldn't I be seeing VLAN 100 tagged traffic on the trunk port?

Native VLAN is set to 1 on both switches.

I tried the following monitor command:
monitor session 1 source int fa1/0/48
monitor session 1 destination int fa1/0/2

Then I tried setting the destination as follows and still didn't see any tagged traffic:
monitor session 1 destination int fa1/0/2 encapsulation replicate

I would really like to see some tagged traffic, any help would be highly appreciated.

Thank you.


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