Seeking assistance for a Phone interview question

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Hi all,

Last week I had a phone interview for a "technical incident analyst" position. It's primary functions is to run major incident calls for a large organization using the ITIL framework. I have previous experience doing this, I am ITIL v3 certified.

During the phone interview, it was with 2 of the managers. I was pretty nervous and that was obvious but I think I answered a lot of the questions they were looking for. Since they knew there was some nerves coming from my voice by speaking a bit too fast, they wanted to have a second phone interview before going in for a interview or passing on me I guess.

For the second phone interview, the manager asked me during the first one to think about a "real life broken process or broken work flow" and describe 4 ways to improve it (examples: Technical, training, elimination, communication) and answer this on the second phone interview. Can anyone give me some guidance with this question as I have honestly thought about this for over 36 hours now. ANY assistance would be greatly appreciated on how someone would attack this question.
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