Passed with 1000 today!

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Just passed with 1000 out of 1000. Thank you for your tech note and everyone's help!



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    icon_eek.gif Great job Robert, congrats! That calls for a party ;)
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    congrats .wow.. what did you use for your study guides and did you have an actual router to play with or sims?

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    any hints and tips for the exam. which books and practice tests and how did you setup your lab.
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    Actually I read the details of the following book:

    CCNA Exam 640-607
    certification guide
    by Wendell Odom

    I suggest you read all the chapters in detail but don't try to solve all the problems at the back of each chapter (some are difficult) otherwise you will feel disappointed and don't use its final prepartion which will make you nervous. At the same time, you should read the following book (you can quickly look through this book and only solve the problems of each chapters, even if you may make mistake but it's ok):

    CCNA 640-607 by Todd Lammle

    For the lab, I only use router_eSim and I am not sure where you can download or you can get it from cisco along with the book above (actually some friends give it to me). This simulator is very enough for you to handle the lab problems in CCNA test.
    Good Luck,
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    many congrats on the ace!
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    Dude, that rocks!!!!
    Todd Baugh
    Aspiring Network Tech
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    Congrat Robert.

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    Congrats to u...
    me retaking the exam tomorrow... very nervous....
    hope i pass this time round...
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    Good luck Yannchua...

    You are taking the exam because you think you can pass it, right? Don't be nervous ;) Let us know how it goes...
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    1000 holly cow well done man thats amazin? Are you in industry with experience for a grade like that or are you a super boff lol
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