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Hello All,
I wondering if someone can give me there option on my question. I will be taking my exam in the first week of June believe the 2nd.
This will be my 3rd time trying to pass this exam. The last couple times I studied but I never really practice on the exam questions. My boss did give me a copy of the transcender for the exam 70-410 the last time. I did notice those questions were very hard and some of the information was not even on the exam. I think might of been less then half why i didn't pass the exam.

Now my question is what site has good exam questions for the 70-410. If I have to buy it thats what I will do to pass this dammmm exam. Any kind of help would be awesome . I really want to get this exam off my plate and move towards the second one. Once I pass this exam I know I will try harder to pass the next exam.

So if anyone of you have tried any site for practice exam or bought it from a site that help you please!!!!! let me know.

Thank you ,
2018 Goals: 70-410 [X], 70-411 [],70-412 [] :bow: 410- Passed!!!!!!

My Goal for the Future
2012 - *MCSA*(WHO KNOWS WHEN) KEEP FAILING!!!! Not enough time to pass the last 2 exams.
2021 - *Security+*
2022 - * Pen Tester*


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