Do all tests need certification exams?

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I am deploying to Kuwait for a military operation and I wanted to bring some books to study and get some certifications while I am there. I talked to a friend who said he got some certifications over there, but I'm not sure how he did it without taking the tests at a test center (I tried to find out of there is testing centers on military bases over there and it looks like there is not). My questions is, can I get any of the following certifications without having to take a proctored test (ie. I can take the exam online without having to be at a facility):


Any information would be greatly beneficial.


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    I'd be shocked if there weren't a test center at your base in Kuwait. AAS? If so, that place was huge.

    Have you checked: to see if there are any test centers for the exam you want?
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    There should be plenty of testing centers and I'm sure there will be something available where you are stationed.
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    I looked on PearsonVue (where I normally register for tests) and I do not see any on the list (at least for Cisco exams). Link below:

    I also emailed [email protected] asking them if they had any Kuwait and they said

    We do have one test center currently active in Kuwait and also a new one currently being installed. The new one is being installed at Camp Arifjan and will be located at UMUC. I do not have an ETA at this time."

    Is there another test center other than PearsonVue for these tests that I have listed?
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