Found out I need A+

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Hello all, I am new here, I do computer repair on my own for a few years now, but I was looking to get a job at microcenter's knowledge bar, but the GM told me I need the a+ so I looked online and found a place I can just walk in and take the exam. I did not know it was 2 parts, they did not tell me that at the time of me taking the test. I took the 801 part? I should go back next week and take the other test 802? I did not study and I think I did not do that great, 751 out of 900 seems very mediocre.


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    I believe 751 is a passing score the the 801 test. Congrats on the pass check out professor messor videos on youtube for the 802 portion of the exam. Or you can try and try some practice tests
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    If you have any experience you could likely pass both exams with little or no study
    Good luck on the next one
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    Yes do the second part, no point in only completing half of a certification :D

    As Tcainnn mentioned, watch the free professor messer videos for the 802, book the next exam and go get it :D if you have experience working on and repairing computers you'll likely do fine :D Best of luck.
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