Hungry and can't buy a job!

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I not sure why I haven't gotten the response I thought I would but I guess the cyber security world isn't as hot as I imagined it to be in my area. I hope that it isn't my resume that's turning companies away from me. I also thought that being a veteran with a top secret security held some weight but maybe I'm wrong? Does anybody have any thoughts as to what could be the issue? I have been on a manager's "short list" for over a month on one position and nothing for the other 20 or 30 positions that I've applied for.
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    Why wouldn't it be your resume? Maybe post a sanitized version here for people to look at? If you have experience, TS clearance and a CISSP and you aren't getting calls something is off.

    Just a shot in the dark, but are you applying way above your level?
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    I thought that might bei it. I've applied for entry level through the mid level jobs and not much. I haven't had to write a resume in years because I've been in the military. What sources exist to help me tighten up my resume?
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    I get errors when sending PM's at work, if you didn't get mine send me one as a reminder.
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    Here is a link for a good resume sample

    Are you visiting your local ISSA chapter in Austin Texas?
    It looks like they have jobs available

    Job bank

    Also, it looks like there are alot of Security meetups:

    Information Security Meetups in Austin - Meetup
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    Thanks for the links. I'll check into both of them.
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    I would like to invite you to the ISC2 Austin Chapter next meeting hosted at the office. It is on June 8th and it is a great opportunity to do some people networking.
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    Thank you. I will be sure to attend.
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    It's nice there's a lot of meetups in Austin. There isn't any active IT meetups that I know of in the twin cities area, lots of TE'er's though.
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    How can you not being able to find a job in one of the hottest tech location in the US, with CISSP and TS, that's unheard, it is your resume but you should at least getting some phone interviews. Don't worry about making stuff up on your resume your goal right now is to score that interview, from there the companies will try to test your skills, if you can do them, you can do the job, if you can't then you know it is out of your ballpark. But I am almost sure it is your resume now.
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    Something else to consider.

    I have three friends in Austin, Texas whom I meet years ago on the forums and they are all in IT.

    They are telling me since two of them have wife's in the Oil industry that because of the massive layoffs, 4000 strong. Texas has a very large pool of qualified IT professionals with years of experience and certifications.

    two of them are interviewing out of state and one of them in moving to NJ.

    If you got the experience and the certifications, it may not be you. it may be theassove surge in the work force in Texas.

    Hope this helps bring things into perspective.
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    Austin doesn't seem to have many clearance positions. I see plenty in San Antonio though.
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    Don't let this discourage you, OP. Keep trying. You already worked this hard so you will only lose if you quit and don't keep trying. You have no choice. Get a reward from your efforts and keep applying to more jobs. If 20-30 isn't enough then applying to 60 and so on. And also being willing to relocate can help.
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    With these credentials, I would expect you to be able to essentially write your own ticket. I had a resume I had created when I left the military, but had much better results with a professionally crafted IT resume. My current resume is still in that format, but I update information on occasion. Now, you could find a resume sample like those provided and emulate it. I used to live in Austin and still have friends in the area. I didn't see much there in terms of security jobs, but Austin has been an IT hotspot since before I lived there in the 90's. Best of luck, grind hard, keep learning!
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