Just took (and failed) EXIN's Certified Ethical Hacker Exam

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Just attempted and failed by 1 question EXIN's brand new Certified Ethical Hacker Exam. It was actually a lot more challenging than I had anticipated.

I prepared using EC-Council's CEH v8 Video course. But, I guess I'l have to review some more and try again.


  • SaSkillerSaSkiller OSWP, GPEN, GWAPT, GCIH Member Posts: 337 ■■■□□□□□□□
    What can you tell us about the exam? Not looking for question answers, just why it was so difficult?
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    The v8 course provided a good foundation, and getting it for no-cost from my company was obviously a big plus, but was just not enough for this exam.

    Looking at your certs, I don't think you'd have any problem passing it. But, my expectations were a little lower, as my experience with other Foundation-level certs from EXIN have shown me that they are usually very entry level deals.

    I'm not going to gripe, as all the things I had trouble with are things that I should actually know if I wanted to claim basic knowledge of pen-testing and exploitation. I think this time they really hit the mark on an exam that's not too basic, but not impossible either.

    I wonder how hard the "Advanced" Cert will be, that is yet to be released.
  • SaSkillerSaSkiller OSWP, GPEN, GWAPT, GCIH Member Posts: 337 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Huh. Honestly I havent heard of Exin, but I will keep them in my head.
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    Hmmm... never heard of it. Why did you take it? Does it have some recognition or your job required you to pass it? How much is it to challenge and how much is to take a course?
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    EXIN are just the facilitator that host the exam. CEH is still just the CEH, while it's hosted by EXIN in a person/prometric (unsure of which) exam centre.
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    This is NOT the CEH. This is a new 40 item, 60 minute EXIN cert called Ethical Hacking Foundation:
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