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I know this will have been asked many many times over the past few months, but i have a few questions for some you the have/are studying for the 300-115.

1) Book recommendations - OCG vs Foundation ? - or both (anyone willing to give a brief comparison) ?
2) Lab - i currently have 2x 3550 and 2x 2950 that i used to pass the 640-813. Worth upgrading to 3650/3750 ?
3) IOS - how much focus is around IOS 15 ? I guess this also relates back to question 2 as lab gear will dictate.
4) As i haven't ordered the books yet - i understand they have dropped some topics (wifi, voip) - what did they replace them with ?

Thanks for any info



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    Hey, I'm studying for that test right now too. I passed Route already, like you.

    My advice - download the blueprint and pop it into OneNote.


    It's based on IOS 15 technologies. No wifi, voip stuff. It's pure switching and switch security. I'm using Chris Bryant on Udemy and the Cisco Press book for 300-115.

    My physical lab is 2 ISR1811's. No Stackwise practice for me, but most everything else works.
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    1) The OCG is pretty good for the new SWITCH. They didn't have an FLG out yet when I took SWITCH, so I can't comment on it. You could probably use some additional materials on Stackwise and Cross-Stack Etherchannel. The OCG doesn't go deep enough on these. You don't need to actually configure Stackwise, but details about how it works, what it requires, etc...are fair game.

    2) Yes, the 3560 and 3750 will support Private VLANs, IPv6, and VTPv3.

    3) Private VLANs Require 12.2(20)SE IP Services or higher. I'm not sure about IPv6 and VTPv3, but I was able to run all 3 on the latest IOS 12.2 SE.
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    I passed the ROUTE last month, but the SWITCH seemed a bit harder, mostly the simlets, and I failed it yesterday... At least now I know my weak ares. Need to study more on security and configuring HSRP.
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